How To Win The Powerball & Mega Million Lottery Tips

I seems so hard to find definitive answers now-a-days.  You will find mathematicians that will answer “No”.  Then you will find people like Richard Lustig that has won 7 times.  Math experts will argue that you have a better chance getting hit by lightning.  Tell that to Roy Cleveland Sullivan, a former U.S. park ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, who had been struck 7 times. What does this means? When fate or opportunity strikes a fortunate (or unfortunate) person, where are those astronomical odds? There are odds on a person of dying in a plane crash – but do they apply to people that never fly in an aircraft? It’s a documented and time proven fact that if you have in your possession a winning lottery ticket 99.9% of the time you have won the Powerball or Mega Millions lottery.

Since we have established the point that you have to play the lottery in order to win – why not use the strategies that have helped others to win?  I have personally tested many of the tips provided by the experts with a random number generator against past winning numbers of the US Powerball & US MegaMillions winning numbers and have definitely found the chances of producing a winning ticket increased!  I do believe the math experts will be correct if you played thousands of times, but I have seen for myself coming across winning numbers in the short term.  I honestly don’t think I am going to play the lottery 10,000 times in my lifetime!  And trust me, when I win the jackpot, I am not going to gamble the winnings away – just to prove the math wizards correct!  Even the experts don’t win every time they play.  Have I won the huge jackpot yet? No.  Have I had some winning tickets?  Yes.

When I win the jackpot will I share which system I used?  Probably.  I believe in a positive attitude and I believe in good karma.  I believe good things happen to good people more often then not.  I will win the jackpot because I believe I will.  If you run around an open field holding an iron rod in your hands, you are more than likely to get struck by lightning than not.  Didn’t a guy named Ben Franklin figure out a way to get struck by lightning ..


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